Outrage as Coles van parks in disability spot

The delivery vehicle was photographed parked outside a doctor’s surgery in the Melbourne suburb of Deepdene on Monday

An outraged pedestrian posted the photo onto Facebook, alleging the driver didn’t have a permit to park in the disable spot and prevented another person who required it.

“How long has Coles and ‘Nicole’ had disabled parking?” they wrote.

“While this guy was making his deliveries a poor person was wanting this spot to attend his Doctor’s appointment.”

The truck was parked in front of a parking sign that stated the space was a mail zone between 4.30pm and 5.30pm, and at all other times the space is reserved for disability parking.

A Coles spokesman told NCA NewsWire that all delivery drivers undergo extensive training on standard road rules “including where to park when delivering groceries”.

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“We are working to investigate this incident and will provide further education where needed to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” the spokesman said.

Anyone caught stopped in a disability parking bay without a permit can be fined $192 in Victoria.

Those who park in a mail zone risk a $115 fine.

Outrage as Coles van parks in disability spot

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