Kesha Is Seeking a "Sugar Daddy or a Baby Daddy" After Getting Dumped for the First Time

Kesha Says She "Almost Died" After Freezing Her Eggs

Tick tock on the clock, Kesha is back on the dating block.

The singer recently revealed that she's on the market for a particular type of man after being "dumped for the first time in my life."

"Can you believe it? We're all f–ked," Kesha quipped in a video with Cosmopolitan published Oct. 11, adding that she's seeking either "a sugar daddy or a baby daddy."

"I mostly want a sugar daddy," she said. "I just never had one, it sounds really fun. I know it's like anti-feminist of me but I want one, so DM me."

And the Animal artist is already on the hunt, noting that she's back on the a…